Badge Labs is a product, services and implementation firm that focuses on catalyzing a new culture of learning, identity and hiring, through digital badging. We are the founders of Open Badges and the Badge Alliance, and bring our expertise, experience and vision to building real products, tools and exemplars that advance the badging ecosystem.


The Open Badges initiative re-imagines credentials to support a transformed culture of learning - one where learning occurs and counts both in and out of school, where learning is connected across contexts and across lifetimes, and where learners have choice and agency in the pathways and opportunities available to them. Open badges play an important role in this new culture, as interoperable, verifiable records of learning and skills acquisition, as connectors and translators across learning experiences and opportunities, and as explicit points on personal learning pathways. The success of the badges work both requires and sustains an open ecosystem for learning and credentialing, with contributions from numerous organizations, individuals, agencies and more.


  • Learning and experience of all kinds should count towards individual's goals.
  • All credentials should be digital, evidence-based and interoperable.
  • Granular, verifiable recognition can tell a more complete story about an individual that is relevant for identity, reputation and career purposes.
  • No learning experience should occur in isolation, but should be connected to additional learning and opportunity.
  • Individuals should control their own data about their identity and skills.
  • Required skills and knowledge should be transparent so that learners know what they need to know to achieve certain goals.